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Wild Muse Timely Repair


• Timely Repair Cleansing Milk-The The cleansing milk removes the make-up and lifts the impurities gently.
• Timely Repair Exfoliating Scrub-The Exfoliating Scrub removes the dead skin cells and gives the skin a fresh and radiant glow.
• Timely Repair Facial Cream-Facial cream deeply nourishes the skin after exfoliation.
• Timely Repair Peel-off Gel Mask-This mask gently unclogs the pores and reveals healthy and radiant skin.
• Timely Repair Hydrating Fluid-Hydrating fluid instills your skin with light, vital moisture as it protects and corrects the look of your skin.



Timely Repair box is an anti-aging kit by Wild Muse which reduces the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Aging is the result of loss of collagen. This timely repair box accelerates the growth of collagen thus reducing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. This box contains cleansing milk, exfoliating scrub, facial cream, peel off gel pack and hydrating fluid, all of which are loaded with anti-oxidants that prevents aging.


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