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Wild Muse Anti Pollution Radiance


Anti-Pollution Radiance Cleansing Milk

The Cleansing Milk gently removes make up and clears impurities.

Anti-Pollution Radiance Exfoliating Scrub

The exfoliating scrub when applied to the face removes the dead skin cells giving the skin smooth and radiant glow.

Anti- Pollution Radiance Facial Cream

After exfoliation, this cream deeply nourishes your skin and prevents dryness and acne.

Anti-Pollution Radiance Multani Mitti Face Mask

Multani Mitti is a powerful anti-oxidant which repairs the damage caused to the skin by pollution.

Anti-Pollution Radiance Brightening Fluid

Brightening Fluid restores the moisture levels of the skin and revives its radiance.



Anti-Pollution Radiance

Wild Muse’s all-in-one product Anti-Pollution Radiance is a 5 step process for eliminating all the pollutants from the skin and giving you a soft, supple and radiant skin. It includes cleansing milk, exfoliating scrub, facial cream, multani mitti facemask and brightening fluid. All these products when applied step by step removes the impurities from your skin, deeply nourishes and leaves your skin glowing after use.


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